FolderMagic by Cloudeight - Bringing magic to your folders!

FolderMagic 2.0 - Change Desktop & Windows Folder Icons and Colors!  Easy to use.. 3 steps!

  • Change the color of Desktop and Windows folder (except in Windows 10)
  • Change the icon of Desktop and Windows folder! Hundreds included!
  • Add your own icons or download additional free icon sets from us
  • Works in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10
  • Change system folders like "My Computer" "Documents" and more
  • Additional icons available free to registered FolderMagic users & more on the way! See our Icons Packs Page for more info.
  • Try FolderMagic 2.0 Free! Click here to download
  • Works in all versions of Windows

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FolderMagic Is So Easy To Use - 3 steps!  Works all Versions of Windows
FolderMagic is simple and easy for computer users of all skill levels to use! - FolderMagic Help Page

No more boring Desktop or Windows folders!

FolderMagic's Folder Icon Wizard changes the icon of any folder to the icon of your choice. FolderMagic comes with hundreds of stylized icons to choose from, or add your own. The possibilities are endless!  Registered FolderMagic users can download additional fun icon packs FREE!

Try FolderMagic Free!

You can try FolderMagic free! Just click here or on the download button to try FolderMagic Free for 15 days !

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FolderMagic works with in all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7  and 8 and 10). You cannot change folder color on Windows 10, but you can change icons. All content is copyright ©2006-2016 Cloudeight Internet LLC. FolderMagic™ is a trademark of Cloudeight Internet LLC.