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Adding Your Own Icons Collections To FolderMagic
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1. Create a folder to hold your icons
The first step is to create a folder to hold your icons. You can create as many folders as you like. You always do it the same way.

- Open FolderMagic and make sure the "Choose An Icon" tab is selected.
- Click the + sign as shown below:

2. Name your folder
Name the folder something simple and something that helps you remember the icons that it contains. The name you give to the folder you created will be the name of your collection. I am going to put some Rocky & Bullwinkle icons in the folder I'm creating, so I call the folder Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle will be the name of my Collection.

3. Add icons to your folder

Drag & Drop 'em
The easiest way to add icons to your folder is to drag them into your new collection (folder) from another folder. Take a look at the picture below. You'll see that I have my Bullwinkle icons stored on another hard drive (K), Open Windows Explorer (you can use "My Computer" or "Computer" too), locate your icons (you can see I've located my Bullwinkle icons) and drag them in into the new folder you've created and named following the previous steps. You can move choose to move one icon at a time (useful if you only want to move a few icons from a folder into FolderMagic) our you can select all icons in a folder by highlight one and clicking the CTRL+A keys and dragging them all into FolderMagic at once.

Using FolderMagic to add icons
You can add icons another way too. Use FolderMagic Explorer to browse your folders for icons. You can add individual icons to any existing pack or use the instructions in this tutorial to create your own folders/packs. If you want add all the icons in a folder, simply highlight one and press CTRL+A to select all.

4. Using your new collection
Take a look at the picture below. You'll see it couldn't be easier to use icon collections you create yourself to change the icon of almost any folder or system folder on your computer. Once you've created your new collection you use it just like any other collection. By adding your own icon collections you can customize FolderMagic to reflect your style!

- In the screen cap below, you can see how I've changed the standard folder icon for "Internet" to my new Rocky icon from the Bullwinkle collection I created myself.

5. Important stuff you should know

You cannot drag icons from the web into FolderMagic. Icons are files with an .ico extension which cannot be viewed directly in a Web browser. Icons sites show icons in .gif format which are not icons. The .gif format allows the Icon Web site to show you what the icons look like but you cannot use .gifs as icons. Icons must me in .ico format. Make sure you download the icons in .ico format

The only kind of icons that work well in Windows XP and Windows Vista are multi-format (or complex) icons. Multi-format icons are .ico files that contain several different sizes. This allows Windows to resize icons on your computer to larger or smaller sizes without distorting. If you notice icons that you've downloaded have fuzzy edges when you use them in FolderMagic to change the icons of folders on your computer, they probably are not multi-format icons. Most sites which sell or distribute icons will mention if they are multi-format icons. Multi-format icons are the only icons you can use that will resize without distorting. Keep this in mind when searching for or purchasing icons on the Web.

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